10 Things That Are Not Recommended to Buy Online (Part 1)

Internet shopping has gradually become one of the favorite activities of Mexicans on the Internet.

As an example, of the total number of Mexicans who use the Internet, 75% make purchases via the Internet, which shows that this activity is gradually gaining ground.

And although it is currently very safe to buy different items online, there are certain precautions you should take before buying online.

Especially in the case of some specific products as they may be subject to regulations that would make it very complicated to buy them online.

And to acquire these products without taking into account this aspect could mean a loss of money for you.

If you want to learn how to shop online with precautions to take care of your money, know these 10 things that are not recommended to buy online.

The risks of buying on the web

As you could read at the beginning of the text, although online shopping has been evolving in terms of the form of trade, there are still situations that you should avoid to not have bad experiences.

But how can you avoid these bad experiences?

Well, the best way is to avoid buying some products that because of their characteristics, it is better to acquire them in another way.

This is because their online purchase implies that what you see and want to buy must be exactly the same as what arrives at your home.

However, sometimes this does not happen, and what you bought online not only does not meet your expectations, but it will be a waste of money for you.

So there is this article, so you know what products you should not buy online, to avoid a bad experience.

Auto Parts

Buying car parts over the internet is a bit complicated because they are usually heavy expenses.

The problem with acquiring car parts by this means is that by not having more information of the piece than you see in photos and in the description of features, you risk not having all the data.

In this way it could be that although the piece has in its description all the characteristics that you are looking for, it may have other characteristics when it arrives that make it not useful to your car.

For that reason, to acquire this type of products it is recommended that you go directly to a place specialized in this type of products, instead of buying online.

This way, you will be able to make sure if the piece fulfills all your expectations or not.


There are some pages, especially on Facebook, where medicines that usually require a doctor’s prescription are sold freely.

Another modality that is given in this and other platforms is that medicines are offered to exchange with other articles.

Doing this may not only involve purchasing a product that, without a prescription, could harm your health, but participating in this type of purchase may also involve you in legal problems.

This is because there are prescription-only medicines.


Online pet selling is a business that is currently changing at an accelerated pace.

This is because people are now more aware of the welfare of animals, so it is no longer seen as a commodity.

That’s why there have been cases like England, a country where the sale of pets has already been banned.

And online things are going the same way because Facebook has banned the sale of pets through its social network.

Another reason not to buy pets through this means is that you run the risk of buying an animal that is sick.

And this disease can not only cause you expenses, but can also be a danger to your health. So pets are not a good online purchase.

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