10 Things That Are Not Recommended to Buy Online (Part 2)

This is the second part of 10 Things That Are Not Recommended to Buy Online!


Buying weapons online can also be very risky, especially when you buy directly from a private individual.

Buying in this mode gives you no guarantee that the weapon you are acquiring is in good condition.

This can involve a risk directly for you or for those around you, because buying weapons in Mexico is illegal if they are not acquired directly through the Secretariat of National Defense.

Clothing for Special Occasions

Buying clothes online is very common, however buying clothes for special occasions can be a bit risky.

What is special occasion clothing? The one you buy for a specific event.

For example, while buying an evening gown online or a tuxedo can be economically profitable, in the long run this could be counterproductive as the clothes could come to you in bad shape.

Medical Items

A similar case to that of medicines is that of buying medical items on the Internet.

Making these purchases, especially from private individuals, involves a considerable level of risk.

This is because medical products must be in excellent condition for them to work ideally.

Buying medical equipment in poor condition will not only put your wallet at risk, but also your money.


As these are small and delicate garments, these types of pieces are sometimes damaged when shipped to you.

The other drawback to buying these types of products online is that the size you wear online may be different from the size you are sent.

So avoid this type of purchase because the risk here is that you buy something that brings in poor condition to your hands.


The best way to buy flowers is to go directly to the shop that offers them and see for yourself what you really want.

You can see the flowers online in a certain way, but don’t forget that the photos you see are taken under very special conditions that make this product look impeccable.

However, it is very probable that when your flowers arrive, they will look a little different from the way you have seen them on the internet.

Some foods

Buying foods online can be a good idea when you know where they come from or know they are fresh.

However, buying food you don’t know just to try it can be a bad idea because if the food you want is perishable, it may be in poor condition when it gets to your hands.

Or it could be that the taste you expected it to have was, in the end, very different, which would mean a waste of money.

Luxury Items

Luxury items such as jewelry or diamonds always involve taking extra precautions when acquiring them.

This is because they are elements that are commonly counterfeited. That’s why acquiring this type of goods directly from private individuals online can be a bad investment.

The most complicated thing with this type of articles is that there are people who have become experts in counterfeiting them.

For this reason, it is better not to acquire this type of products if it is not in specialized stores.

After reading this article, do you feel safer to buy online? Remember that there are safe ways to make these purchases.

All you have to do is take the necessary precautions so that you can enjoy this activity, without fearing for your wallet.

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