Buy Without Fear in the Good End with These Tips

The Good End 2019 will take place from the 15th to the 18th of November, but do you want to make your purchases without being undercapitalised?

To make expenses without measure could leave you without a weight, for that reason it is important to take these advices seriously.

In many occasions we hear Good End and we think that we have to make expenses that, in many occasions, can take us to disburse money of more, in this article we will recommend you some tips, that you have to take into account to avoid that you descapitalices.

We are in the second half of the year and think that already begin the expenses, first, the entry to the new school year with the expenses of our children, dinner on September 15, day of the dead, the Good End and all other expenses at the end of the year.

Therefore, it is important that you know how to manage so that you can organize your finances and, in this way, not miss the celebration of any of these festivities.

7 tips to make sure you don’t run out of money

This is a weekend where you can buy products at affordable prices. However, sometimes it is difficult to spend what you need, but how can you buy without fear?

The following tips make it possible to avoid being undercapitalised:

1 Organize your finances

Before thinking about which offers we are going to use our money, it is essential that we know how to organize our budget. This is a part of financial education that we are not accustomed to emphasizing when it comes to making expenses for this type of dates.

To avoid being undercapitalised, we recommend that you: prioritise which items you wish to purchase during the good order, define a cost limit for purchasing them and allocate a portion of your budget for the items you wish to obtain.

At this point we will stop a little, if you think you are going to exceed your limit but are items that are necessary, consider other options for income money, such as a personal credit, to mention an example.

Don’t let impatience eat you! Before making any purchase you should not lose control, always financial self-discipline is important to be able to spend on what is necessary.

I invite you to deepen on the care of your finances in the following article.

2 Personal Credit

Personal credits are an alternative to avoid decapitalization. To enjoy the great offers that this weekend has for you, you can request one through Credifiel.

It is a financial entity that offers loans for the public sector with payment facilities, either in discount via payroll or through direct debit credits.

They can offer loans from $2,000 pesos to $70,000 pesos. So don’t wait any longer and apply for a credit with Credifiel, an alternative for you and your family.

3 Find out more

Another elemental step that you have to take into account, if what you want is to spend for the Good End, is the information with conscience.

What is information with consciousness about? It is about knowing the price of the product you have in mind at different stages: before and during the Good End.

We recommend that you keep this track in stages, because it turns out that in some places the prices of the items may go up. If you discover anomalies we suggest you go to PROFECO.

If this is not the case, you can check how much your savings have been for the discounted price.

Another fundamental step for an information with conscience, is that you compare the prices of your product in, at least, three different establishments.

We know that each distributor of products has different discounts and offers for these dates of the year, it is important that you know each one of them so that you know which is your best option, that is to say which one that satisfies your needs, but that also, adapts to your budget.

4 Take advantage of the discount

This weekend it is common for many stores to offer great discounts. Buying in this way has multiple benefits for us, the consumers. In the first place because they reduce the initial cost of the product.

Sometimes products exceed our budget, so the best option to purchase them is when they are on sale. For the good end is auctioned recent merchandise at a super price, so we remind you to buy what you want more this weekend.

You can buy merchandise at a monthly discount. This is one more option to avoid decapitalizing, since, if you don’t have the cash to compare the product you’ve been waiting for, the months option allows you to have it immediately, without having to wait to liquidate it.

5 Budget for the future

Make a financial plan. As we mentioned at the beginning, the second part of the year presents us with a variety of expenses that sometimes affect our economy if we don’t know how to organize ourselves.

Therefore, we recommend that you have a financial plan, this does not take long and you do not need specific knowledge to carry them out.

According to Jose Luis Rodriguez Hernandez, member of the Finance and Financial System Commission of the College of Public Accountants of Mexico, through Intelligent Business, recommends the following tips to do it.

  • Set your goals: think about what you are going to use the money for.
  • Define your monthly income: suggest that you divide it into fixed income of money and extra.
  • Record your expenses: as in the previous point, you have to divide it between the fixed and the variable ones. This is so that you know that it is a priority expense and which ones are dispensable.
  • Finally, it recommends you to reduce money leaks. Money leaks are what we commonly call “ant” spending. Small expenses that, in the long run, represent a considerable flight of capital.

6 Buy and verify

The information, for the process of purchase, is fundamental to take care of your portfolio in the Good End. The responsible purchase is an element that you must not leave aside. In many occasions we buy products that we did not know had promotions, only with their acquisition.

We recommend that, if you are going to make purchases, you consult if they bring with them any promotion for having acquired them during those dates. It is not only a question of buying many products, but also those that offer you something more than the discount, but also a promotion.

The promotions help us save because although it is not officially a 2×1, it is in the sense that you carry a product and also extra discount or something else as a gift.

Verify which are the modalities of purchase and if there are discounts or offers to acquire them through this form of payment.

7 Think about the online market

If your market is Internet shopping, we advise you some points to take into account: corroborate that the website where you are going to make a purchase of the product is safe, you can check by the start of the website, so it should start with a: https://, and also has a padlock in the link.

It identifies what are your policies of purchase-sale, which is your contact to establish some complaint or clarification. We also suggest that you buy them at home, with the protection of an antivirus.