Credits Without a Bureau for the Public Sector

For many people, Buró de Crédito is a headache and a nightmare that makes it impossible to acquire credit. However, contrary to popular belief, it is not a blacklist where people who have fallen behind on their payments, or have not made them, are kept on a bulletin board.

In this article we will tell you how you can stop thinking about your status if you are thinking about applying for credit and what is the best option in the market to fulfill your projects or get out of financial pressures.

What is the credit bureau?

According to CONDUSEF’s official website, the credit bureau is a private organization that records operations related to loans and credits of all kinds, which go through a process where borrowers (individuals and companies) are rated according to their credit activity, from payments in time and form, to how many credit bureau reviews have been made.

When you apply for a loan, whether to purchase a car, a business or personal loan, a telephone plan or a credit card, it is automatically transferred to Buró de Crédito and the evaluation begins.

“Credit bureau blacklist”

As we mentioned in the previous point, any person who has applied for credit becomes part of the Credit Bureau, that is, belonging to it is necessary, but everything will depend on the status you generate according to your credit behavior.

Depending on the credit activity, and the rating generated in the Credit Bureau, you may be eligible to receive credit or not. If someone, both physical and moral, has fallen behind in payments, or does not pay the total amount requested, their score will be greater than 1, which means that they are not up to date with their payments, and this will have a direct impact on the decision of the lending institution.

That’s why you have so much fear and there’s a lot of tension when you make a consultation with the Credit Bureau. You have to be careful with this, because if you make many consultations in a short period of time, the rating will be negative, the same happens when a person, whether physical or moral, has too many credits, even if you go to the current with them.

A credit option without a bureau!

It is somewhat regrettable when this type of situation occurs, since within those loans we visualize projects, dreams and aspirations of all kinds.

There are several situations in which a credit, whether to meet our goals, pay some other credit arrears, remodel our home, travel, acquire material goods or attend emergencies, both economic and health.

In Credifiel we know that financial tranquility is necessary and therefore, we decided to open an option that meets the needs of the public sector, through the authorization of credits without consulting Buró de Crédito.

This not only allows you to get out of financial difficulties, but also speeds up the response and authorization time, which is essential to attend any economic emergency.

In addition, at Credifiel we have an attractive variety of offers, all with preferential rates and terms for workers in the education sector, energy sector, health sector, government agencies, as well as our full support for retirees and pensioners.

That is why Credifiel, is the best alternative to acquire the credit you need, without worrying about your status in the Buró de Crédito we support you to meet your goals and dreams, to enjoy health and meet your needs.

Economic peace of mind should be a right for everyone, and Credifiel is here to support you.