How to Get Money to Settle My Debts?

Sometimes debts are something we can’t escape. We usually get into debt when we don’t have the immediate money for a specific situation.

Don’t worry, if this has already happened to you, you should know that you are not the only person who has gone through economic crises and that you can get out of debt.

In this article we’ll share tips for getting the money you need and getting out of debt once and for all.

1. Sell articles on Facebook

Currently millions of people have this social network and, fortunately for many, it has evolved for good, since now you can sell all kinds of items with just one post.

Whether you publish them directly on your wall or in the “market place” option. This section of Facebook is intended for the sale of articles, just take a picture of what you want to sell, raise the price, features and ready.

In less than you think a buyer will come out and you will have an extra income. You can use this resource to sell some things that are no longer used and are in good condition, electronics are the most sold.

Similarly, you can start your own business and use another of Facebook’s resources, create a fan page (at no cost) and sell completely new items, such as clothing, eyeglasses, video games, jewelry. In short, the product that you decide.

2. Make garage sales

The garage sales are an excellent option to get extra income and, at the same time, say goodbye to those things that are in perfect condition but for one reason or another we no longer use.

This type of sales are extremely popular and in one day you can earn much more money than you imagine.

3. Say goodbye to unnecessary services

Many times we hire services that we don’t use, for example, now that digital platforms to watch movies and series are so fashionable.

However, many times we hire more than one and when we realize we already have an account in Amazon, HBO go, Claro video but we end up opting only to watch Netflix. So you’re paying for all these services, but you’re not exploiting their usefulness.

In the same way, it could be that you hired an internet service to have 80 megs, but most of the time you are working and away from home, so you end up consuming much less than what you have hired.

A recommendation is to decrease this service and pass, for example, from 80 megs to 40, I assure you that you will not perceive the difference in speed and yes in what you pay daily.

4. Work as a freelancer

If you have enough time after you leave work, you can earn extra income by offering your services as a freelancer.

For example, imagine you are an editor and work in a newspaper from 7pm to 3pm, but you have all afternoon to write for other media or freelance companies. This way you can get additional income that will get you out of more than one predicament.

This also applies to teachers, who meet their working days, but can also take advantage of free time to give private lessons.

Even if you’re retired, you can take advantage of your years of experience and earn extra money while staying active.

5. Get a second job

If freelance work is not your thing there is always the option of getting a second job, that is, if you work in the mornings, take advantage of the afternoons to work elsewhere and have another income.

This option is ideal, not only to get money and get out of debt, but also for those who enjoy an active life.

This way you can not only get out of debt, but even avoid them, because your income will go to double every fortnight, although you need a break point, so you decide if this second job will only have it to mitigate debts or permanently.

6. Apply for personal credit

Another ideal way to get out of debt is through personal credit.

In many occasions what drowns us is the accumulation of small debts that end up disappearing our fortnight as if it were water.

However, the recommendation in these cases, is to apply for a personal credit with which you can pay off all those small debts and concentrate on paying a single loan.

This will allow you to take a breath and you will be out of debt in less time than you imagine, because you will no longer be paying many things, but only one.

In Credifiel, for example, we offer personal loans ranging from 2,000 pesos to 250,000 pesos, with plans that fit your needs and that you can pay off in a maximum period of up to five years.

Now that you know these tips is time to say goodbye to debts, but do not leave aside the golden rule “do not spend more than you really need”.